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Call for SNP to end centralisation of North East services

Speaking ahead of the SNP Scottish Cabinet meeting in Aberdeen on Monday, North East MSP, Nanette Milne has called on Alex Salmond and his SNP Scottish Government to explain to the North East why the SNP Scottish Government centralisation agenda is cutting services from across Aberdeen and the North East.

Cross-border care for thousands of North East patients at risk

Statistics released from the SNP Scottish Government have revealed that thousands of North East patients could potentially lose out should Scotland vote to separate from the rest of the UK. In the last ten years, tens of thousands of inpatient and outpatient appointments have been made at English hospitals for North East residents.

Salmond is a man without a plan

Alex Salmond has been branded a man without a plan by North East MSP, Nanette Milne after it became clear that an independent Scotland would not be able to use the Pound.

Dundee University Academics have right to speak out on independence

Nanette Milne, Scottish Conservative MSP for the North East has called on Dundee East SNP MSP, Shona Robison to apologies to Dundee University and withdraw her criticism of a Dundee academic after she complained about a historian expressing his opposition to independence.