Colin Pike selected as Conservative candidate for North Kincardine

Scottish Conservatives and Unionists have selected Colin Pike to be their local candidate in the North Kincardine ward for next year’s Aberdeenshire Council elections.

Colin was elected by local members at a meeting at the Bettridge Centre, Newtonhill, on Friday, September 16.

Commenting on his selection, Colin said “Having lived in the ward for over 30 years, I am very aware of the changes this area is experiencing and wish to represent everyone so we have a proactive approach in shaping the communities and environment we live in. Recent challenges in the local economy mean that Aberdeenshire Council needs to be thinking differently and embracing what people want and not what they presume is required”.

Current local councillor for North Kincardine, Carl Nelson, is not standing for re-selection. Carl has represented the area since 2007, was previously the Newtonhill, Muchalls and Cammachmore councillor and is one of Aberdeenshire’s longest serving members

Commenting on Colin’s success to replace him, he said “I have known Colin for a long time and he has been a loyal supporter and background worker who is well known in the community. He has served twice on the North Kincardine Rural community council and has been instrumental in setting up important public meetings with the AWPR teams and representing the area”.

Local MSP Ross Thomson was also present at the meeting. He said “Colin has been a great help in the area and I am delighted he has chosen to stand in the upcoming local council elections. His skills and knowledge, particularly from a business perspective, will be a great asset in these difficult times.  I know he will bring fresh ideas and much enthusiasm to the role of Councillor”.