Cllr Dominic Lonchay - East Garioch

Dominic Lonchay has been selected to stand as the Scottish Conservative and Unionist candidate for East Garioch Ward on Aberdeenshire Council.

As your prospective local councillor, I am very aware of the challenges of living and working in Aberdeenshire. I would be my role to make your opinion and voice count and be heard, to make sure that council services are maintained and improved upon, in order to ensure that it benefits everybody.

My approach to Aberdeenshire Council would be to make it behave more as a business, efficient, dynamic and accountable.  Recently retired from a career laergely in the oil and gas sector, I have lived in Aberdeenhsire for 24 years. My wife has been a councillor with Aberdeenshire for 18 years, and politics is part of our life. I know what being a Councillor involves and I want to safegauard the quality of life in Aberdeenshire; and to build on our unique economy to provide more opportunities for all our constituents. For that, I intend to hold the Scottish Government to account on many subjects, including a divisive second independence referendum which breeds uncertainty for industry and commerce, keeping local taxes to be spent locally instead of being spent somewhere else, and reversing the current centralisation trend for Police, Fire and Ambulance services.   Put simply, I want a better deal for Aberdeenshire, and particularly for East Garioch.

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Cllr Wendy Agnew - Stonehaven & Lower Deeside

Wendy has lived in Stonehaven all her life, attending Dunnottar School and Mackie Academy.  She currently manages an insurance company in Stonehaven.In 2003 Wendy was elected to represent Stonehaven south and in 2007 and 2012 she was elected as Councillor for the larger multi-member ward of Stonehaven & Lower Deeside.Wendy has been a leading campaigner for more flood prevention measures in Stonehaven, and acts as the flood warden for the High Street area.

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